On September 13, the charity “Kids Tying Together” came to Bell dealer Four Seasons Equipment, Inc. in Houston, Texas for a donation and a ride in a Bell truck.  Kids Tying Together is a Montgomery based non-profit organization formed to give local kids a way to help other children who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.  Donations will be used to assist with basic needs for the children displaced from Hurricane Harvey including clothes, school materials, food, basic housing, etc.

Here’s how it works:

  • The project is 100% done by KIDS for other KIDS / Families in need.
  • Kids are working hard to obtain donations and partnerships from neighbors, relatives, friends and local businesses.
  • 100% of all money collected (excluding the costs of ribbon) will be distributed directly to the children and their families suffering from Hurricane Harvey.
  • For a donation, the kids are providing a ribbon which participants and businesses are displaying on trees.
  • Kids will be delivering donations to the KIDS / Families impacted by Hurricane Harvey.
  • Kids Tying Together has received commitments from multiple school districts, from Texas to Indiana, to promote their cause.

If you’re interested in donating, you can visit their Kids Tying Together Facebook page and learn more about their organization.

Kids Helping Kids in a Bell Truck
Hurricane Harvey relief organization Kids Helping Kids