BELL ADTs Don’t Need Fuel Consumption Programs to Get More of This:

Bell ADTs - best fuel efficiency

Our ADTs are the most fuel efficient trucks in the world!

When you have the best fuel economy in the industry, you don’t need to offer any fuel guarantees.

No meaningless promises, you get IMMEDIATE CASHBACK on production with BELL ADTs:

  • NO fuel guarantees against ourselves
  • NO complicated credit to customer accounts
  • NO wasted time in fuel measurement or discussion

Our ADTs handle heaped payloads with faster cycle times and best-in-class fuel efficiency – so you’ll move more material at lower cost.

How Do Bell’s ADTs Deliver the Best Fuel Efficiency in the World?

1Enhancements such as industry leading standards in fuel-efficient emission control, and our fuel-efficient emission-certified engines deliver clean power without compromise in all conditions.

2Extensive use of high-strength, lightweight materials gives our trucks the best payload-to-mass ratios and hauling efficiencies in each class.  This ratio means more of your fuel cost is spent moving the material, not the machine, thus decreasing your cost per ton.

3Our industry leading, fully automatic six-speed planetary transmission, with torque converter lock up, maximizes fuel efficiency.

Built smarter to work harder, these lean machines boast the material moving muscle you need without the mass to feed.

Want to Maximize Up-time and Productivity?

Bell ADTs give you the competitive edge you need.

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