Bell Trucks America, Inc is proud to announce the return of Bell ADT’s to the United States market.  The headquarters will be based in Houston, TX, but trucks will be available at other port facilities around the country with pre orders.

Wayne Michels will be General Manager focused mainly on Customer Support, including Parts, Service and Warranty. Wayne comes to Bell Trucks with 40+ years industry experience, 20 with Moxy Trucks of America.   The first trucks being introduced in the U.S. will be the B35D, B40D and B50D, 35, 40 and 50 ton machines respectively.

The B25E and B30E, 25 and 30 ton machines will be rolled on in early 2014, followed by the large E series trucks in mid 2015.  Needless to say, everyone at Bell in the U.S. and South Africa are excited to get rolling. The first trucks will arrive in Houston in May.  For dealer opportunities contact Wayne Michels at 855-BELL ADT or Mobile at 859-801-8631.