Eventually, even superior products like Bell trucks can require repair due to mechanical failure. To give Bell Dealers and their customers a competitive edge, Bell Trucks America is proud to announce a new partnership with the best-in-class Protect My Iron® program. The program enables Bell Dealers to offer customers a variety of extended warranty plans.

Protect My Iron® offers distinct advantages for both dealerships and Bell truck owners.

Enhanced sales and management for dealers.

The program includes a unique suite of tools our dealers can use to attract new customers, add value for existing ones and strengthen ongoing relationships, increasing customer satisfaction throughout the ownership experience.

Along with tiered extended protection plan options, Protect My Iron® enables dealers to easily consolidate and manage all their warranty files in one place, using proprietary Warranty Connect software. The system can store detailed information about each vehicle, including photos as well as contracts and other documents.

The application automates and streamlines the entire warranty process for our dealers, customers and those of us at Bell Trucks headquarters, allowing online enrollment and claims processing through an easy-to-use, web-based portal. Dealerships that offer rentals can also use Protect My Iron® to manage extended protection plans for their own fleets.

Enhanced visibility and peace of mind for customers.

Because extended warranty coverage is available directly through their Bell dealer, our customers can complete financing deals faster. And the Warranty Connect portal gives owners one-stop online visibility into warranty information for all their Bell trucks.

Everyone with authorized access – customers, dealership employees and relevant personnel at Bell Trucks America – can access the system 24/7, from any device with internet access.

As a manufacturer, we at Bell Trucks America recognize an inherent risk in selling our trucks, in that occasionally a manufacturing defect can result in mechanical breakdown. We are excited about our new partnership with the Protect My Iron® program, because it underscores our commitment to lifetime customer satisfaction, by giving our dealerships an additional way to help truck buyers protect their investment and keep trucks on the job and earning money.