Extended Warranty with Protect My Iron

Bell Trucks America Is Proud To Offer Protect My Iron®

We would like to thank you for being a valued member of the Bell Trucks America family. In an effort to provide you with the necessary tools to be competitive in your marketplace, we are assembling a best-in-class product suite to support the complete Bell Trucks America line.

You can be confident that Bell Trucks America will provide you and your dealership with a superior product backed by outstanding customer support. Inevitably, over time our trucks may require repair due to mechanical failure. Many manufacturers see the inherent risk in selling their product, yet fail to see the opportunity to use the occasional defect in the manufacturing errors as touch points for customer contact – opportunities to achieve real consumer satisfaction and an ongoing relationship with the customer.

Protect My Iron® will help your dealership to automate its overall warranty process with online enrollment, claims processing and management, all in a simple to use web-based portal.

At Bell, we see this as an opportunity to step up to the plate and provide your dealership and its customers with Extended Protection Plans which provide peace of mind and serve as a management tool for driving customer satisfaction during the entire ownership experience.

In March 2014, Bell Trucks partnered up with the Protect My Iron® program to offer extended protection plans to all Bell Dealers and correlating clientele – a new option that will attract new customers and provide a better fit for your existing ones. Offering extended warranties on the Bell Trucks you sell will only further the number of options you are able to offer your customer.

Protect My Iron Extended ADT Warranty

You’ve made the investment, so protect it!

Extended Protection Plans safeguard you, your customer, and the Bell products that you buy and sell.

To Learn More Visit belltrucks.protectmyiron.com

If you are interested in learning more about Extended Protection Plan Programs, please contact
Protect My Iron® at (866) 662-0995 or info@adiagency.com.